Maren Morris Called Out By Her Own Fans For Her New Song With Diplo Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations: “This Is Not It”

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Uh oh…

Maren Morris recently made headlines when she announced that she was leaving country music, which she called “toxic” and said was “burning itself down.”

She’s seemed to walk that back in recent interviews, clarifying that she’s only leaving the bad parts of country music behind, whatever that means:

“I have not left country music; that was just the headline. I like what I said was that I was just leaving behind the kind of toxic parts of it – and that’s in any part of the music industry. But just like the things that I am in control of. Yeah – I want to take the good parts with me.”

Well after speaking out against the “toxic” parts of country music, her fans are now criticizing Maren for announcing today that she’s dropping a new song with…Diplo.

In case you missed it, it was revealed yesterday that a woman filed a police report against the DJ and lead member of Major Lazer back in August, accusing him of distributing nude photographs of her without her consent.

The woman, who has since revealed herself as Shelly Auguste and has spoken publicly about the allegations on podcasts and in the media, filed a lawsuit back in 2020 against Diplo (whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz) accusing him of rape, as well as claiming that he gave her an STD and recorded sexually explicit videos of her without her consent.

The lawsuit is currently ongoing, but it was revealed yesterday that back in August the woman also filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department, which has turned the case over to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office to make a decision on any potential charges.

And amidst Diplo’s legal trouble, fans thought it odd that Maren would release a song with the embattled DJ after publicly denouncing the “toxic” country music industry:

Tough scene…

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