Deer Tries To Jump A High Fence & Comes Up Woefully Short

Deer crashes into high fence

This deer thought she was a high jumping Olympian….

I mean, deer can jump pretty high, just not THAT high. Deer are a funny animal and sometimes, they are their own worst enemy. It’s hard to blame them though, they constantly have to be in defense mode. It’s a hard life being low on the food chain, they even have to compete for food in a lot of areas. Every day is a struggle when you’re just hoping to make it to tomorrow.

We’ve seen them make some questionable choices from jumping off bridges, getting stuck in fences, or just making their way into neighborhoods and homes. These choices are made in the name of survival but that doesn’t always mean their desired result comes to fruition.

This deer made a poor decision out of fear. As people approached the deer panicked to get some distance between itself and the people. It took off on a full tear hoping to make the leap of its life over a high fence on the roadside. The deer makes a mighty fine leap that just isn’t good enough.

Only about two feet short…

The deer strikes the fence about ¾ of the way up and gets cartwheeled as it comes to a dead stop midair. The deer gets catapulted back down to the ground and takes off in the opposite direction. Not this fence, not on this day…

Fence 1, Deer 0.

Mule Deer Takes A Tumble Trying To Make It Over The Fence

A swing and a miss.

I guess, it’s a jump and a miss, either way this is just too funny. I hate to laugh at any wildlife that is injured but this ol’ boy seems just fine after that tumble. Mule deer are some of the most sought-after large game in the country. Their picture-perfect antlers are a hunter’s dream, mixed with some pretty great tasting meat.

Muleys live in the Western half of ther United States, stretching into the edges of the Midwest all the way to the west coast from the south down into Mexico, clear to the north up into Canada. They are a fair sized deer weighing up 300 pounds for large males. This makes them a very desirable species in any area they reside.

Seeing an animal you spend countless hours chasing is always great. Seeing something very out of the norm and hilarious just makes it all that much better.

This muley is spotted absolutely given’er. The deer is full speed ahead running through a farm field as a car travels right beside it. The buck decides its time to make it over the fence and across the road. It takes the last leap and tries to get over the fence but… no dice. The deer clips the fence and takes a big tumble. It gathers itself up off the ground and easily hops back over it running off.

That is hilarious, a big misjudgment on the deer’s part mixed with too much speed.

Hunter Finds Two Dead Deer Locked Up Inside A Fence

Talk about a wild sight to stumble upon.

We’ve seen several situations already over the past few months of bucks getting their antler locked with each other… it’s just a common occurrence following the rut. Hell, one guy in California even had to rescue a live buck that was locked up to another buck that had already been ravaged by coyotes, and there wasn’t much left. This typically happens during the rut, when bucks try to assert their dominance to fellow male deer, and they fight it out until one gives up or dies.

Although it can be a brutal part of nature, but this is what bucks have to do in order to win over their mate. But speaking of locked up bucks, here we have yet another wild example of what can happen during these battles.

In the footage, a hunter walks up on two dead bucks who were locked together, and they were tangled up in an old fence. It appears that one of the bucks may have gotten its antlers stuck in the other’s chest cavity.

They explain it all in the caption:

“The Whitetail Rut is a special time of year. I stumbled across these two deer that were stuck in the fence right outside my hunting area.

It’s hard to actually know what happened But it looks like they were fighting and the one buck slammed the other one into the fence and in doing so got itself stuck inside the other deer’s chest cavity.”

Check it out:

The hunter explained the scene further:

“Deer extraction. What a rough way to die.

After further debate, I’m pretty sure the one deer died rather instantly due to the antler being shoved inside while fighting. Resulting in the attacker dying from the sheer weight of the other deer on top of him.

Wild times.”

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