Bear Squares Off Against Inflatable Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Bears mangle Rudolph decoration

I’ve never been much of a Christmas decorations guy myself, but I must say it’s pretty cool to drive around town and check out all of the houses that went all out for the holiday season.

However, every now and then you’ll drive by a yard and every single decoration is absolutely wrecked. Typically, it’s just a bunch of a**hole teenagers where I come from, or a family of deer that ran through the yard and sprinted right through the decorations.

But this right here? This is something I’d never expect to see in a million years.

In this wild scene, you can see a couple of bears chilling in a front yard in what appears to be a residential area, when all of a sudden one of the creatures decides to throw hands with the massive Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer inflatable in the front yard.

Now I’m sure this bear was pretty shook, actually thinking at first that this was the goliath of all deer it was going up against. At first, the bear is able to pull the inflatable to the ground. Once the bear pins the blow up to the ground, it appears to take a big bite out of its backside.

But, the inflatable wasn’t going down that easy, as it ultimately nearly stands right back up, and the bear realized this wasn’t your normal deer. I’m just glad somebody got this hilarious scene all on video.

Check it out:

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