Jake Browning Was A Legend On Monday Night, & Now People Are Saying Bengals Star Joe Burrow Is A System QB?

Jake Browning
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By “people” I mean complete idiots, because anybody who thinks Joe Burrow is a system quarterback doesn’t know ball at all. You know how MVP contender Brock Purdy and the 49ers beat up on the Eagles 42-19 on Sunday? Well, Joe Brrr cooked San Francisco’s defense with three TDs, four incompletions and 326 total yards in a 31-17 road triumph.

Before we get into the imbeciles online who are peddling the “Burrow System QB” take, let’s give it up for the man of the hour: JAKE BROWNING. Never in a million years after losing to the Steelers did I think Browning had this in him. Sure, I’ve written about how Browning carries himself like a baller, yet after one start, I was fully ready to write him off.

Oh my goodness. What an overtime win and what a first NFL victory as a starter for the journeyman backup.

If I recall correctly, per the ESPN broadcast, Browning has been involved in 23 personnel transactions with various teams since 2019? Now, he’s going to Jacksonville, carving up a division leader, and keeping the Bengals in the playoff hunt at 6-6! What!?!?

This wasn’t the dink-and-dunk artist of last week who got super lucky with two deflected balls that Ja’Marr Chase corralled and raced for big gains off of. Browning was SLINGING THAT PILL, BABY!!

If it’s not apparent that I’m a Bengals fan, guess the cat’s out of the bag with that last sentence.

…And, uh, how about Browning outplaying Trevor Lawrence (he got injured, hope he’s OK)? Based on the raw stats and nerdy analytics numbers, that’s precisely what happened. Can’t say I saw that coming.

I legitimately don’t recall a backup quarterback putting together this kind of game. Zac Taylor and Cincinnati’s coaching staff deserve a lot of credit for letting Browning cook. They got a little too ultra conservative in terms of short passes with Browning in the Pittsburgh loss and early on against the Jags. Taylor and Co. adjusted, put more faith in Browning, and damn did he ever deliver.

OK so I think I’ve adequately given Browning his due flowers. Let’s check in with folks who are wildly overreacting to this game and reaching because they’re indefatigably determined to prove Joe Burrow is not an elite QB (with no real facts, mind you).

You know, instead of crediting Jake Browning for preparing his face off, being relentless in pursuit of his dream to play in the NFL, and tip the cap to just how phenomenally well he played, it’s a rush to dwell on the negative. To discredit Burrow and what the Bengals have built since his arrival. The organizational culture Cincinnati enjoys now that’s night and day from how it used to be was all built on the belief in Burrow. It created the very circumstances that allowed Browning to come into an excellent situation and flourish.

What was cool, too, was the fact that Burrow was still engaged, on the sideline, with the headset on. Unlike some AFC North QBs who get paid handsomely and choose to handle their season-ending injuries in other ways when they’re already a disgrace to humanity…

Browning made a huge leap from his first start to his second. Having Tee Higgins back in the lineup helps. As does creative scheming to get Ja’Marr Chase the ball often — to the tune of 11 catches, 149 yards and a 76-yard TD.

What a dot by Browning here, capitalizing on the favorable matchup and not short-arming that thing on a gutsy 3rd and 2 call. Ja’Marr is an absolute monster. As special as his connection is with Burrow, he’s helped make Browning look like a superstar, too.

…But please don’t be like the Twitter trolls and twist this. Two things can be true at once: Jake Browning is an amazing football player who had the game of his life on prime time with the Bengals’ season on the line. And, there is no “successful system” in place without Joe Burrow.

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