California Woman Discovers Wild Possum In Her House When It Sneezed From Inside Her Christmas Tree

Possum in tree

Would you say “bless you” if you heard a random sneeze come from within your Christmas tree?

This California woman didn’t know what to do when she discovered that a possum had somehow snuck into her home and up into her Christmas tree. How was it that she noticed the wild animal was seeking refuge inside her seasonal decorations? Believe it or not, a rattling off of small sneezes that came from within the tree blew the possum’s cover.

The California resident hilariously described the encounter, and how she came to find the possum hanging out in her Christmas tree, saying:

“I heard a sneeze. I looked over and I have three dogs and a cat, so I figured one of them was there, but they weren’t there. So I thought maybe I’m crazy and kept working.

Then I heard it again but a little louder and some other noises and I got up and I started looking to see if my cat was stuck behind the couch or something or sleeping in the window. But as I was looking around I see this really big, long-looking rat tail and I just kind of stop because I was in shock. I didn’t know what it was.”

Imagine how freaked out you would be if you were suddenly face-to-face with a wild animal resting on a branch inside your tree in your living room? Those with the hypothesis that the possum came in with the tree when it was brought into the house are most likely wrong, considering the decoration is artificial.

The TikTok video that the woman took as she was discovering in real time that a possum was inside her house is priceless. As she slowly creeped towards the tree to get a better look at the wild critter inside her fake-snow-covered Christmas tree, the woman said:

“I am literally freaking out right now. I have no idea how this possum got in my house and up into my tree and I’m trying to get it out but it will not let me and I just don’t know what to do. I don’t know how it got in here, I don’t leave my doors open.”

@brettbratt359I don’t understand how this thing is in my house right now.♬ original sound – Brett

Absolutely hilarious.

The fact that she has no idea how it could have gotten there in the first place makes it that much better. And I have to say, if she has three dogs and a cat, and the possum snuck in undetected, I really hope that she has an alarm system for her own safety. Clearly she doesn’t have any guard dogs (or guard cats) living with her.

She was eventually able to remove the possum from the Christmas tree, but not before she got another angle of the adorable marsupial:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock