Packers Super Fan Gifts Olympics Legend Simone Biles An Endearing But Bizarre GOAT Hat

Simone Biles Green Bay Packers

Very few people can even compete with Taylor Swift’s star power. Although she was in attendance to support her boo Travis Kelce on Sunday Night Football, multiple Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles was also at Lambeau Field to cheer on her husband, Packers safety Jonathan Owens.

Wouldn’t you know it? The fine folks of Green Bay made Biles feel more than welcome, but one particular fan took that to the next level by gifting Biles with a GOAT headdress of sorts, along with a cartoonish beanie hat of Owens

Biles probably is the GOAT when it comes to American gymnastics. I can’t think of anyone offhand who’s more accomplished or universally celebrated, nor do I care to research other contenders. Let’s just roll with recency bias.

I wrote about Owens’ breakout performance on Thanksgiving when the Packers beat the Lions and how seemingly unlikely the Biles-Owens couple was on paper when they were both exiting their teenage years. Everything is coming up roses for these two, though, including impromptu, handcrafted headgear from the Packers community.

It’s impressive that this Green Bay fanatic went out of his way to do something distinctly different from the typical Cheesehead. Wouldn’t have been the most flattering accessory to give off to Biles. Adding on the myriad gold medals was a nice touch, as was the complementary Owens piece. However, you might not want to wear that Owens one around any young children. It’s more than a little scary.

Isn’t Simone Biles the coolest? She provided a little behind-the-scenes glimpse of her Lambeau experience, with a custom Owens jacket on to boot.

The only thing missing was a Lambeau Leap. I know Biles stands at only four feet, eight inches tall, but she should totally use her ups at some point to pull that off.

Maybe have Owens in the stands clearing out and waiting to catch her postgame or something. How dope would that be to see Biles unleash that explosive athleticism and make it up there at her height? I bet she could still do it. Perhaps next time, Simone!

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