Deer Wreaks Havoc In New Jersey Elementary School As Police Chase It Through The Hallways

Deer New jersey school

Deck the halls…of this elementary school.

The classic Christmas song rang true (“Run, Run Rudolph”) in this New Jersey elementary school when a deer broke into the building and started sprinting and sliding through halls and classrooms.

A man walking his dog near Cedar Grove Elementary School reported that he saw a deer jump through a glass window at the school, so the Toms River Police Department went to the building to check things out.

The man’s report was valid, because once they got there, the officers who responded found themselves chasing around the reckless deer through slippery hallways and on top of desks in classrooms. It’s honestly crazy how much damage one little deer can do.

Authorities pursued the deer for a number of minutes inside the school, doing their best to lead it outside of the building, but failing to do so on multiple occasions. In fact, at one point during the body camera footage, you can hear one of the officers yelling “Oh no!” as the deer busts open a door and into a classroom.

The Tom Rivers Police Department released an edited video of the incident on their Facebook page, and included this half-serious, half-joking report along with it:

“One of our more interesting calls this week was when officers were dispatched to Cedar Grove Elementary after a resident reported that they witnessed a deer breaking through a glass window and entering the school.

Officers quickly located the deer, but in an attempt to escape arrest, it took off running down the hallway and into a classroom. Officers opened the rear door and guided their new furry friend to the exit. The deer was last seen headed North.”

What an absolute perfect way to end the Christmas-themed report. Saying the deer was “last seen heading north” is pure gold.

If someone were to take the footage and put Christmas music over it, the video would really feel like a 90’s Christmas movie. And guess what? Someone did just that (shoutout to you, whoever you are), so you can now take a look at this chaotic high speed chase set to the instrumental version of “Run, Run Rudolph.”


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