“When He Doesn’t Play Like He Supposed To” – Dallas Cowboys Fan Stuns Newscaster When He Calls Dak Prescott “Dakisha”

Dakisha Prescott
Fox 4

This is one way to refer to a player when you aren’t thrilled with their performance.

We all know it can be frustrating to watch your favorite football players fumble the ball (literally and figuratively) during a game. This frustration often leads to name-calling, trash talk, and other ways to express anger. While we have seen our fair share of wild fan moments over the NFL season thus far, this man has to be my favorite.

During a tailgate outside of AT&T Stadium, a local Texas news station was walking around, interviewing Cowboys fans and asking them how they hoped the game would turn out. This man on LIVE television shared his true feelings about Dak Prescott when he is underperforming.

“As long as Dak shows up and not Dakisha.” 

The man then asks the news anchor, Peyton Yager, if she knows what “Dakisha” is, to which she obviously responds that she was unaware of who this “new” player was.

“Dakisha is what I call Dak when he doesn’t play like he is supposed to play.” 

The cameraman immediately zooms in on her perplexed face, which is comedy GOLD. The news anchor keeps her composure, but the way this Cowboy fan so calmly explains who “Dakisha” is, you know that he has had this nickname used for a hot minute.

The horrific face from the news anchor is screaming for her producers to get her out of there, but if I were in her boat, I’d ask this man about all the other nicknames he has for members of the Cowboys.

They are nothing like Dallas Cowboys fans.

@americanafdumpsters The curse of “Dakisha!” #livetv #cowboys #dakprescott ♬ original sound – American AF Dumpsters

The comments on this video are gold; one TikTok user even recognized the man as her mechanic. I’d trust him to work on my car after this.

“Bro, this wild saying this on TV!”

“That face was telling her producer to get her out of there, lol.”

“Dakisha will show up when you need him the most don’t worry.”

“Saw this guy last night at the game! He’s actually wearing a pink jersey underneath that says Dakisha.”

“And the legend of “Dakisha” was born.”

Sorry Dak, I feel like this one might stick…

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