Von Miller’s Girlfriend Calls Assault Allegations “Outrageous” Even Though She Told The Police He Choked Her, Pulled Her Hair Out, & She Was Bleeding

Von Miller
Glenn Heights City Jail

Yesterday, we were hit with the shocking news that there was an arrest warrant out for Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller, after he reportedly assaulted his pregnant girlfriend at their Dallas, Texas home.

It all went down at 11 AM on Wednesday, and judging by the 911 call obtained by WFAA, it sounded pretty dang serious. In the call, Miller’s girlfriend claimed that Miller was:

“Choking me, hitting me, pulling my hair, I have bruises all over me.”

When the dispatcher asked if she needed medical attention, she said:

“He pulled my hair out. I have, like, some blood on me, but no, like, yeah, I don’t know.”

Miller was charged with a third-degree felony of assaulting a pregnant person. In the arrest warrant affidavit, Miller’s girlfriend reportedly had minor abrasions on her left hand and bruising on her neck, as if she had been choked.

The situation reportedly stemmed from Miller’s girlfriend not wanting to travel on her birthday week. After she went from the bedroom to the office and slammed the door, Miller became “visibly angry,” and things quickly went south after that.

The Bills sent out a statement following the incident, reading:

“This morning, we were made aware of an incident involving Von Miller. We are in the process of gathering more information and will have no further comment at this point.”

Needless to say, it sounded like a serious situation. However, Miller’s girlfriend is now completely denying anything happened at all. She said the whole incident was blown out of proportion, and went as far as to deny that she was even assaulted:

“We’re fine. Things were blown way out of context. This is actually outrageous!”

She added that it was all a big misunderstanding, and said that nobody assaulted anyone adding that this is “insane and sad.”

“No one assaulted anyone. This is insane. And sad.”

What’s sad is a grown man beating the shit out of his girlfriend… but I suppose it will ultimately be up to her to press charges.

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