Bubba Wallace Flames Ryan Blaney For “Highly Unfortunate” Wardrobe Malfunction During NASCAR Awards Banquet

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X/Bubba Wallace

An unfortunate situation, indeed.

Last night, the NASCAR world gathered to celebrate the 2023 season and the champion himself, Ryan Blaney, for the annual 2023 NASCAR Awards Banquet in Nashville.

Blaney was the last to be honored during the evening, as is customary for the reigning NASCAR Cup Series title holder, and he gave a great speech about how much it meant to him to have accomplished such a massive goal and dream:

“I know, all the competitors, we don’t agree all the time, but it is a true honor to race with the best in the world on a weekly basis, and I do appreciate that. Obviously, growing up, watching Dad race, that’s just what I wanted to do, and I wanted to be like my Dad.

I was super lucky to be able to see that at a young age and get the whole spectrum of seeing what it’s like as a driver, seeing how teams operated. Roger and (wife) Kathy Penske — it’s hard to believe it’s been over 10 years since we first met.

As a kid, there’s nothing more I wanted to do than to win you a championship and just be successful, because I was such a big fan of you, not only in NASCAR but in every form of motorsport.”

A special night that he will certainly never forget, but it didn’t go off totally without a hitch…

Walking the red carpet before the show, Ryan and his girlfriend Gianna Tulio looked stunning, with not a single hair or garment out of place:

But as Ryan’s best friend and fellow Cup Series driver Bubba Wallace so kindly pointed out on X (Twitter), Blaney had a bit of a high water situation with his pants when he took the stage to give a speech later in the evening:

“Yo Blaney, you should invite your pants down to your ankles so they could party!”

I mean, what else are best friends really for, right? Somebody’s gotta keep you humble, even on one of the biggest nights of your life…

And Blaney took it in good fun, replying to his friend that is was a “fair” assessment, adding how “unfortunate” the situation was:

“That’s fair.. That’s fair. Highly unfortunate situation right there.”

Although, when he got behind the podium to actually talk, you couldn’t see it at all so I guess it could’ve been worse.

And of course, X (Twitter) remains undefeated, and there were some hilarious responses to the photo that you can see below.

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