Rumors Fly That The Raiders May Bring Back Jon Gruden, And Fans Are Ready To Jump Ship

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Could Jon Gruden be gearing up for a Raiders comeback?

Rumors are swirling in the NFL community that Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis would love to bring back Jon Gruden to coach the team after the mid-season firing of Josh McDaniels.

Jon Gruden is in the midst of a major lawsuit against the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell and the league may be on the backpedal with some of the information brought forth, or that could be potentially brought forth, in the suit, which claims the NFL purposefully leaked only his emails in a sort of personal attack.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter, the lawsuit has potential to bring down some major figures, including Roger Goodell himself.

Hondo said the following on the Las Vegas Insider Podcast:

“I am going to tell you there are a lot of people who feel that Mark Davis, more than [Tom] Brady and Jim Gray, the person he trusts the most is Jon Gruden and would love to bring him back.

I am hearing from multiple people around the league that if Jon were willing to drop his lawsuit, they believe the NFL would give a passive nod to go back and re-hire him”

He later went on to speak specifically about why that is an actual possibility within the league as it relates to the lawsuit.

A lot of people believe that Jon Gruden’s lawsuit is going to take Roger Goodell out and it’s going to embarrass a lot of people…  In discovery, Jon’s going to be able to ask any question he wants. It doesn’t even have to be about him. He can say ‘I want to talk to this owner, I want to talk to that owner, I’d like to talk to Roger Goodell, or whomever,’ and Jon Gruden knows where every body is buried in the NFL.

Can you picture him bringing in an NFL owner, one of the executives or whomever, saying “Have you ever cheated on your wife? Have you ever used a racial slur?” And he’s asking questions that he know the answer too so if your perjure yourself, Bingo… 

Plus all the information he’s going to be able to ask, like “I want all the emails.” He can ask for all the emails in the Dan Snyder situation…”

I mean holy smokes, that is a lot right there…

You can watch the entire podcast here, but he begins speaking on this at about the 28 minute mark.

Can you imagine Jon Gruden being brought back into the Raiders building and replacing Antonio Pierce? I can’t even begin to start predicting what the fallout from that would be, but one thing I can be certain on is that the team would lose a lot, and piss off even more, of their fans…

Raiders fans have taken to X in a major way to voice their displeasure with the idea that Gruden would be brought back in to coach the Raiders in the near future. Sure, there’s a very small minority that support it, but man it’s outweighed seemingly 10-1 right now and only appears to be getting worse…

Raiders Nation remains down bad…

There can’t really be a chance of this, right? No shot Jon Gruden goes back to the Raiders for the third time, right?

Well, stranger things have happened and if there’s one team that would do this, they’re the ones who call Las Vegas home…

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