Morgan Wallen Makes Surprise Appearance During Ernest’s Show At Ryman Auditorium To Perform “Flower Shops”

Ernest Morgan Wallen

A drop-in from a special friend.

ERNEST had two killer sold-out shows at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, over the last two nights. His debut headlining shows at the historic venue were extra special to Ern as someone from Nashville, and he even named his son Ryman – so you know this was a bucket list show for him.

On the second night of the show, Ernest had one of his dear friends pop in during the show to present him with a special gift.

Morgan Wallen stepped out on the stage of the Mother Church to present Ernest with a plaque for his double platinum track “Flower Shops.” Wallen presenting the award to Ernest is perfect as he is featured on the track.

“We’ve been writing songs for a long time. And tonight, I’d like to be a part of presenting him with his first double-platinum song.” 

Wallen steps back to reveal the beautifully framed record, noting the song’s success. Ernest looks surprised that he is being presented with his and then walks over to Morgan Wallen for a big bear hug.

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After the award presentation, it was only fitting for the two to perform the hit song afterward. Yes, they both hit the road often, but something about performing together in the Ryman hits differently. The acoustics in that building, combined with the historic church pews and the stained glass windows, make for a magical experience.

The two strapped on their acoustic guitars and fired up the 2021 hit. The crowd belts out the lyrics to the song as the two sway on stage, leading the pack through the verses.

You never know who you will see pop out on stage in Nashville, and this is another grade-A example. Just buy the tickets, you won’t ever regret it.

@mkporter.2 Ernest shows 10/10 recommend #nashville #concert #morganwallen #ernest #ryman ♬ original sound – Kate || Nashville

For fun, here is a throwback to a live performance they did shortly after the song’s release.

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