‘Elf’ Has A Hilarious Deleted Hockey Scene, & We Were Absolutely Robbed

Elf deleted scene

Regardless of how you feel about Christmas movies, you’ve got to love Elf. 

Honestly, I think it’s one of Will Ferrell’s best performances. He couldn’t rely on dirty jokes, had to keep it friendly for kids, and still delivered a performance that is downright hilarious, I mean if that doesn’t prove he’s one of the most talented comedic actors on the planet, I don’t know what would.

The movie has become an absolute staple of the holiday season and for many families it lives right next to Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, and The Santa Clause as a must watch before December 25th rolls around.

Well, it turns out a scene was cut from the movie that’s been making its rounds on the internet and my goodness, we were robbed of what could have been another classic scene.

Before Buddy realized he was a human and made his big trip to New York City, he participated in a number of elf activities which are shown in the movie, like playing basketball, building toys, and picking snow berries, but it turns out the North Pole residents would also throw on the skates and play some hockey.

For some reason, the scene was cut from the final product but it got leaked online years ago and for some reason it’s blowing up the internet right now as people realize just how funny it is to have a 6’3″ human dominating tiny elves on the ice.

Sure, it kind of makes him look like a jerk and a bully, but also at the time he didn’t know he was different than them so he was just trying his best and leaving it all out there in the rink.

Naturally, elf bodies were left scattered on the ice after Buddy subs in, grabs the puck, and goes end to end before ripping a mean slapshot into the private parts of the poor goalie.

While Elf is pretty much a masterpiece as is, I can’t help but feel robbed that this scene was cut…

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