“Where In The F**K Did You Get That?” – Dog Brings What Has To Be A Dinosaur Skeleton Back To Its Owner

Dog finds skeleton

If your dog brought back an unidentifiable skeleton to your house, would you still call it a good boy/girl?

Pets often bring the results of their hunts back to their owners, and though you might be disgusted by it, it’s actually a compliment. If your dog or cat bring back a dead animal to your doorstep, it is doing so because it feels very comfortable bringing it back to that location, or wants to share its catch with you. How nice…

Usually when a pet brings something back for you, the disposal of it is rather simple. Just pick it up and toss it into the woods, a neighbor’s yard, or a trash receptacle. However, when the dog in this video brought back this mystery carcass, the owner couldn’t help but wonder what the hell it was before they hauled it off.

There were a lot of great guesses as to what the skeleton used to be in the comments section of the post. Some of the best options were:

-The Bird from Up

-A Chupacabra

-Big Bird from Sesame Street

-A Velociraptor

-An Ostrich

Based on the video evidence, we can’t rule any of those guesses out (though it’s likely a smaller deer). It appears that the dog could have even gone into a different dimension and made its way back with an animal that doesn’t even exist in our world. The skeleton looks that strange.

In the footage, the dog named Mac was trying to pull the carcass through his doggie door, and the owner stopped him just in time before it got into the house. After that, the pet owner just marvels at the mysterious pile of bones that their dog had just dragged back onto their porch.

The owner says:

“What the f**k Mac, that’s not coming in here. Oh my God, where in the f**k did you get that? That’s gross. Holy sh*t. I can’t wait for your father to get home.”

Yeah, that mess is one that should be left for the man of the house. Not because a woman couldn’t handle it (they totally could), but just in case the weird looking dinosaur skeleton is cursed, or even makes you travel back in time when you try to get rid of it (classic sci-fi movie trope).

Take a look:

Everyone in the comment section was loving that Mac the dog worked really hard to bring back the scary looking carcass, and had a great time making all kinds of jokes about it, saying:

“What the hell even was that when it was alive?”

“I’m willing to bet 30 dollars right now that she still let that dog kiss her in the face and mouth that same day.”

“He’s like look ‘mom, I brought you food this time.'”

“Mac is an archaeologist.”

“He brought you a Halloween decoration and you got mad at him!?”

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