Mark Cuban Is Selling Majority Interest In The Mavericks For $3.5 Billion, & The Internet Thinks He Might Run For President

Mark Cuban
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Perhaps no owner in professional sports has been more visible, loud and hands-on involved with the team than Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks. I guess you could argue Jerry Jones with the Dallas Cowboys, but Cuban’s personality and courtside antics are just so much more interesting.

Given that Cuban invested a cool $285 million to purchase the Mavericks back in 2000, the fact that he’s selling a majority stake of $3.5 billion, still keeping a good chunk of the team, and maintaining control of basketball operations, is the boss move to end all boss moves.

What a life this man has led, eh? Talk about an absurd ROI.

Speculation is now swirling about what’s next for Cuban, especially since just one day prior, it was revealed that he’s leaving the super-popular TV show Shark Tank. He served as a judge/panelist on the show who listens to entrepreneurs’ business pitches and decides whether or not to invest in them.

More than a few folks on the X platform appear to believe Cuban could be eyeing the White House. That’s right. Mark Cuban for President.

Probably in 2028 as opposed to 2024, but who knows? Haven’t crazier things happened before? In case that’s viewed as a rhetorical question, the answer is yes. Yes, they have. I can think of at least one.

Yo I’m just saying, if Colin Cowherd and Morning Brew are throwing this out there as a legit possibility, who am I to douse that fiery chatter? Cuban would make for a better president than just about anyone I can think of off the top of my head.

Is Mark Cuban probably a jerk IRL? Maybe but IDK. He seems pretty cool in a lot of ways. Who cares, though? He gets sh*t done and can be pragmatic without being a cold-hearted idiot. Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Company by itself has to be more noble than damn near any initiative anyone’s mounted in public office in decades — and Cuban did it without holding any official political power.

TLDR on that: This just in — there’s lots of corruption in the pharmaceutical industry. Politicians are in bed with those massive corporations and their lobbyists…no accountability, and so on. Then, here comes the billionaire investor in Cuban to help common people out with medications they can actually afford. I think it’s awesome on principle alone.

What I’m not saying here is that 100% of the pharmaceutical industry is corrupt. Not true. Nor am I claiming that Cuban solved every single issue related to healthcare with his company.

Nevertheless, if Cuban can come up with a significant solution to that big of a problem, what else could he accomplish in the political sphere? I think I’m intrigued enough to f*ck around and find out. Apparently others are on the same track, or at least wouldn’t be adamantly opposed to the idea.

Donald Trump got his shot, was viewed as having little chance to win the presidency even on the eve of Election Day. Thus, it’s not outlandish at all to suggest Cuban could go all the way, too.

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