“I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead On Stage With Garth Brooks” – The Internet Falls For Fake Quote Attributed To Hank Williams Jr.

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Ahh, the internet strikes again…

If you’ve been paying attention online over the past day or so, you may have seen some viral posts like the one below, which are attributing a quote to Hank Williams Jr. regarding the one and only king of cringe, Garth Brooks.

Allegedly, Hank cancelled a scheduled appearance at the “Country Legends” show just to avoid being associated with G.

“I wouldn’t be caught dead on stage with Garth Brooks.”

I’ll spare you the suspense and confirm right now that it’s not true.

For starters, there is no “Country Legends” event that either Garth or Williams were supposed to play. In fact, the only shows even remotely named “Country Legends” are tributes to the stars of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s that helped build country music, so it certainly wouldn’t include either Garth Brooks or Hank Williams Jr unless he was honoring his father, and even that would be a stretch.

Secondly, the source of this quote is yet again from The Dunning-Kruger Times.

If you’re not familiar with the website, it’s a satirical, junk news publication that posts blatantly fake stories to try and get a laugh. It’s kind of like The Onion or Babylon Bee (only not as clever) and their “About Us” page reads in plain English:

“Everything on this website is fiction. It is not a lie and it is not fake news because it is not real. If you believe that it is real, you should have your head examined.”

This is now the second time where a boat load of people online fell for something the website published involving Garth Brooks. Back in August, DKT made a post that Garth cried on stage because the crowd wouldn’t stop booing at a show in Oklahoma after his comments about Bud Light.

Now the website has got Hank Jr. fans and Garth Brooks haters alike fired up with this new post which reads in part:

“Hank Williams Jr. has finally come out with a definitive opinion about Garth Brooks. Williams, a bonafide country legend, has remained quiet on the subject… until now.

‘I wouldn’t be caught dead on stage with him nowadays,’ said Williams Jr, ‘Every time he steps out the crowd boos. He had to cancel his Vegas residency over it.'”

Of course, it’s not a stretch to think that ol’ Bocephus isn’t exactly a fan of Garth Brooks. After all, he drunkenly mocked Garth on stage back in 1992. Pretending to be Garth, he told the crowd “Oh Hank Jr. I’d just love to suck your d*ck,” among other things…

So once again, to reiterate, this is an entirely untrue quote but that hasn’t stopped a ton of people from running with it online, including comedian Tom Segura, who’s been a long time “fan” of G and helped to propagate the conspiracy that Garth is actually a serial killer.

But he was far from alone.

There’s plenty more examples of people falling for this fake quote hook, line, and sinker.

You may have noticed there’s a trend with the type of people who are celebrating this “news”… Quite a few @ULTRAPATRIOT1776 and @Scr3wTheL1Bs type usernames out there making sure their opinion is heard…

It’s all fugazi.

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