I Have No Faith In The College Football Playoff Committee After The Chairman’s Horrific Answer On National TV

College football playoff chairman

Believe it or not, we’ve already reached the end of the year, which means Christmas time, and more importantly, college football bowl season.

There’s just nothing like bowl season, and there’s just nothing like joining into a college football bowl pick’em pool and knowing absolutely nothing about what you are putting money on.

For years, the national champion was determined by the BCS National Championship, which featured the top two ranked teams at the end of the season playing against one another for the title of college football’s best.

Then, in 2014, the College Football Playoff was introduced, which opened up the title fight to the top four teams in the country playing in a single elimination tournament.

Make sure to soak in the matchups this year (which have usually been blowouts anyways), because next season, the College Football Playoff expands from four teams to twelve (even more blowouts!).

As of right now, the Georgia Bulldogs would take on the Florida State Seminoles, and on the other side of the bracket, the Michigan Wolverines would face off against the Washington Huskies.

There’s still plenty of conference championships to be played this weekend, so this ranking could look a lot different once it’s locked in next week:

During the big reveal of the updated College Football Playoff (which like everything else nowadays, has turned into a big TV spectacle), college football analyst Rece Davis asked the chairman of the selection committee Boo Corrigan who they viewed as this year’s top teams.

The answer that he gave doesn’t exactly instill a lot of faith and trust in the committee:

“Yeah, as we look at it, you know, really good weekend right? Rivalry weekend, you get a little bit of everything as you go into that.

But, you know, Georgia Tech’s… or Georgia’s win over Georgia Tech seating a lot of their top offensive players. Michigan with the big win over Ohio State. Washington pulls one out in the Apple Cup, Florida State goes down to the swamp. What a great season it’s been so far.”

Translation: Boo Corrigan didn’t answer the question at all. He just bumbled around and talked about last week’s games like he was a rerun of SportsCenter.

May I remind you that this man is in charge of setting up one of the more exciting events in college sports, and he can’t even answer a simple question about the thing he is running.

Hopefully the College Football Playoff goes better than this answer:


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