Former NFL Star Ryan Shazier Accused Of Cheating By His Wife, Who Posted The Screenshots

Ryan Shazier Steelers

Here’s another example of a feel good story plummeting back down to Earth, this time involving a former NFL star that overcame a lot of adversity, just to bring some more onto himself.

Ryan Shazier was a standout defensive player for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2014 to 2017. Football fans may remember that he was a phenomenal linebacker that seemed to fit in perfect with the hard nosed football that Pittsburgh is known for.

Then, during a Monday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, his career came to an abrupt end when he made a head first tackle and was paralyzed. Shazier went through a multitude of surgeries after the fact, and was miraculously able to walk again after years of rehabilitation.

When Shazier retired from football in 2020, he was seen as a hero in the football world for his recovery and positive mindset. It wasn’t the career he wanted, yet he still managed to win a lot of people over through his tough and inspiring story.

Those views might change though after the latest news that has come out about Shazier allegedly cheating on his wife, who had stuck by his side through his harrowing journey after his injury. Michelle Shazier, who married Ryan back in 2019 and shares two children with him, took to her social media to post some damning screenshots of evidence that her husband had been sneaking around behind her back.

Some of the initial texts were concerning, but things really heated up when Shazier sent links to two different sexually explicit books, and the woman (whose name is Marie in the text message screenshots) sent pictures and videos of her from a “trip to Mexico.”

Michelle has since deleted her post, though when it was up for everyone to see, her caption stated:

“A person that loves his family … this is what they do to their family … the WIFE … that has been there for him since day one!

Infidelity at its finest! I can’t sit here and keep hiding anymore. You can have it. I deserve better. This is Ryan… he’s a liar and a cheater!”

The screenshots of Michelle’s post can be viewed below:

Ryan Shazier was reportedly asked by TMZ for comment, and responded by saying that he and his wife had been living apart and are separated.

The former NFL star also asked for privacy as he and his family navigated through this tumultuous time.

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