Cody Jinks Brings Out Erin Viancourt For Incredible Duet Of “We Get By”

Cody Jinks

If they are on tour with Cody Jinks and asked to join him on stage…it’s a pretty good sign this is someone to tune into.

Erin Viancourt is a name you should get to know.

After releasing her debut album, Won’t Die This Way, Viancourt has had some eyes on her. With her authentic Western and Americana sound with honky tonk inspiration, combined with her incredible vocal ability, she is a talent that is unlike others. Cody Jinks is an artist who has seen Viancourt’s talent and is using his platform (including his record label) to broadcast her sound. On a recent run, she joined Jinks and was brought out on stage for a duet of “We Get By.”

“We Get By” is one of my guilty pleasure songs from Jinks, so when I saw this video pop up on my YouTube suggested I was beyond excited to see how the two collaborated on the 2012 hit during a show in Illinois in early November.

Cody Jinks kicks off the song while Viancourt accompanies him on acoustic guitar. After the first verse and chorus, Viancourt steps up the mic, and after she sings the first lines, the crowd goes wild. Her twangy vocals compliment Jinks’ tone incredibly as she sings:

“Yeah, my momma introduced me to God as a child

You know my dad, he does his livin’ a little less mild

He’d rather sing those gospel songs on the front porch anyway

My baby sister, she married a man

On the other side of where dad and I land

We laugh and joke and give him hell

But he loves that little girl…”

After her solo moment, the two go back and forth, swapping off lyrics to round out the song. As Jinks doesn’t often highlight multipart harmonies in his song, this duet sharing the lyrics keeps the cadence of Jinks’ brand and lets the crowd hear Viancourt’s unbridled talent. You love to see the seasoned artists give the up-and-comers a platform to project their sound, and Jinks does just that here.

I have listened to this video more times than I’d like to admit. It’s dang good.

Check it out for yourself.

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