Young Fan Joins Cody Jinks On Stage For Emotional Performance Of “It Must Be The Whiskey”

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Cody Jinks

I live for fan moments like this.

During a recent acoustic show, Cody Jinks brought up a fan to sing “It Must Be The Whiskey” on stage with him. While this is most fans’ dream, this girl was so touched by being able to sing with Jinks it led to an emotional performance.

Jinks says to the crowd as Nicole gets settled on her stool and adjusts the mic stand:

“This was not planned, y’all. I do not know Nicole.”

Without wasting any time, Jinks kicks off the song, and Nicole joins in from the very start. At first, you can tell she is a little nervous as she gets settled in singing the lyrics alongside Jinks, but as the song goes on, you see her getting more and more comfortable at the mic.

Whether she was nervous to be singing in front of the crowd or Cody Jinks, she didn’t let that slow her roll.

After the bridge and during the last verse, while Nicole is still singing next to Jinks, she starts sobbing, becoming so emotional that this moment is occurring. It’s endearing to see a young person so moved not only by Cody Jink’s music but also by his kindness for letting her come and sit in on stage with him.

She tries her best to make it through the rest of the song but is overcome with her feelings and sobs as she sings the last few words. Jinks gets up at the conclusion of the track, gives her a huge bear hug, and praises her for her outstanding job, accompanying him for the tune.

“You did great, you did a great job, you really did.”

He tells Nicole as she continues to cry. The crowd goes wild in the background as he gives her his stage rag from his back pocket. As Nicole leaves the stage, his bass player comments on how pure that interaction is.

“That right there, that’s why I do this for a living. That’s it right there. I’ve done this when I didn’t have no money, and I’ve done this when I have a lot of money, but that right there is why I do it.”

Jinks says to the crowd as they still cheer for the girl. You know, that is a core memory in that fan’s mind. Cody Jinks is one of the best in the business for many reasons, but moments like this make artists stand out beyond their music.

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