Harvard’s Taylor Swift Course Curriculum To Feature Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift country music
Taylor Swift

So this is what people are currently going into 6 figure debt to learn?

The internet is ablaze with the news that Harvard, yes Ivy League Harvard, will be offering a course titled “Taylor Swift and Her World”, which will be, according to the school’s newspaper The Crimson, a “deep dive(s) into Swift’s lyrics, music, and influence, dissecting her catalog and reading a host of authors Burt finds relevant to understanding Swift’s artistry.”

Stephanie L. Burt will be the professor and is described as a “diehard Swiftie”, as well as a poet and critic.

Now, I went to college and got a degree in Finance and Business Management. I took a few courses that were pretty irrelevant but super fun (like Team Sports where we showed up and played sports for credit), but I was not at an Ivy League school.

I was at Bloomsburg University (Go Huskies) and was paying a literal fraction of the $55,000+ tuition currently charged by the Crimson. It’s hard to wrap my head around the cost of this class compared to what a student is really going to get from it, but hey, it’s your loan (or Daddy’s money) so go for it.

If you were wondering what the specifics of the course would look like, we’ve got you covered as someone posted a tread on X which allegedly shows the syllabus and a something jumped out to me right off the bat.

Some country music royalty will be included in the curriculum, as Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn will be discussed as precursors to Taylor’s rise.

Some songs were specifically named for each artist, Dolly Parton’s being “Jolene”, “Light Of A Clear Blue Morning”, “Coat Of Many Colors”, “Tennessee Mountain Home”, “I Will Always Love You”, and “9 to 5”, and Loretta’s being “You’re Looking At Country” and “Coal Miner’s Daughter”.

Have to love the professor giving credit to the women who blazed the country music trail which allowed Taylor to become one of the most popular country artists of the early 2000’s early in her career before departing to the pop world.

The course outline continues throughout Taylors artistic career with specific attention being paid to each album while taking pit stops to read some works that inspired her at the time and I can’t lie it does seem like a fun class, but I can’t help but wonder what I’m guessing a lot of other are…

Will Travis Kelce, and other boyfriends, be part of the class?

The answer to that is a resounding yes.

Professor Burt spoke with TMZ earlier today and confirmed that Travis Kelce will be brought up in class, although not much attention would be given to him as the focus of the class is the actual songs she’s written. Other wills will be brought up in reference to songs written about them, since Taylor’s personal life overlaps with her music to heavily.

So there you have it. The Taylor Swift class will feature Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Travis Kelce.

It’s certainly got my attention but I’m not sure it would get my tuition dollars… What do you guys think? Would you take this course?

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