Dylan Larkin Knocked Over A Fan’s Beer During Warmups, Skates To Bench & Gets $20 For The Fan

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When it comes to watching sporting events live and in person, there is only one thing that can nearly match the pain of watching your favorite team lose in person… and that’s spilling your beer at the game.

Whether you have a clumsy moment and spill it, somebody walks by and accidentally knocks it over, or one of the athletes collides with you while you’re sitting in the stands, knocking it over, they all equally suck. I mean c’mon, we all know that stadiums love to charge out the a** for a singular beer, and knowing that you aren’t going to get to enjoy the beer you just spent your mortgage for is nothing short of heartbreaking.

With that being said, one NHL player knows obviously knows this pain first hand… and it’s no other than Detroit Red Wings center Dylan Larkin. In this hilarious video, Larkin rams into the wall during warmups, accidentally knocking over a fan’s beer who was sitting right behind the wall.

So, what does Larkin do next? He goes back to the bench and retrieves $20 for the fan to pay for the beer he knocked over, plus a little more. He had an assistant run the cash over to the fan. I have to admit, my NHL knowledge is very little, and I’m not too familiar with Larkin, but after this video, I’m a big fan.

Patrick Kane is gonna love playing with him…

Check it out:

He talked more about it with ESPN:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock