Drunk Guy In Nashville Thinks He’s Getting A Girl’s Number, She CashApps Herself $3,000 From His Phone

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Not the first guy who’s lost $3,000 during a night on Broadway.

If you’ve been to Nashville in the past couple of years and spent any time at the bars on lower Broadway, you probably know that it’s no longer the laid-back honky tonks that you might be expecting.

Instead, Broadway has turned into more of a country-themed version of Bourbon Street (except you can’t take your drinks to-go). It’s mostly just massive cookie-cutter bars owned by country artists that play  more ’80s rock and ’90s pop punk than actual country music.

And with the influx of drunk tourists downtown, of course there are going to be more people looking to take advantage of them.

One guy learned his lesson the hard way after a night of drinking in Nashville, detailing his experience in a post on the Nashville subreddit to warn others to make sure to keep their guard up.

The man says that on his way back to his hotel, he stopped to get a hot dog from a vendor outside of Jason Aldean’s bar when a lady approached him and “was trying to be extra friendly.”

She asked to see his phone so she could add herself to his contacts – which probably should have been a red flag, but hey, after you’ve spent all evening throwing back $12 Bud Lights at Tootsie’s, you’re probably not thinking straight.

He says that he kept a tight grip on his phone as he let her use the screen…but instead of adding her phone number, the woman actually opened his CashApp and sent herself $3,000 from his account, and then deleted the app from his phone.

Luckily the large transaction triggered a fraud alert so the transaction didn’t go through, but the man says that if the scammers weren’t so greedy and trying to transfer such a large amount, he probably would have been out the money.

Many in the comments were pointing out that it wasn’t smart to let anybody touch his phone, especially with an uptick of scammers and pickpocketers on Broadway these days, and the man admits that her flirting mixed with the alcohol caused him to let his guard down.

But ultimately, it could have been a lot worse: We’ve seen a lot of stories over the years of women hitting on guys and inviting them back to their hotel, only to end up stealing their wallet and leaving them on the side of the road (which may or may not have happened to somebody I know). And at least this guy got his money back and the scammer ended up going home empty-handed…although you know this wasn’t the first time she’s pulled this trick.

It’s a good reminder if you’re visiting Nashville. Always keep your guard up on Broadway, and as Morgan Wallen said, leave them Broadway girls alone.

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