Whitetail Deer Gets All Sorts Of Tangled In Soccer Net, Kicks Man Trying To Free Him

deer tangled in soccer net
Brian Buchart

I’ve never really cared for soccer and I’m guessing this buck isn’t too fond of it now either…

A man was enjoying a nice summer Saturday in New Jersey a few years back when he suddenly heard a jumble of noises coming from his neighbor’s yard.

It turned out to be a whitetail buck thrashing around in their driveway. He’d somehow gotten his antlers stuck in their soccer net and was manically trying to free itself, but all his movement was just making it worse.

He ends up ripping most of the netting off the crossbars as he began pulling the entire frame into the road, but enough holds on that when he ran back into a small section of trees, he gets all kinds of caught up and is no longer able to do much but wriggle about.

That’s when the man decided he has to do something and starts approaching the deer slowly, saying:

“Want me to help you? Hold on, hold on, hold on. Easy, easy.”

Obviously, the deer is completely panicking and is honestly right on the verge of severely injuring itself, I mean it looked like he was about to rip his antlers right out of his head or break his neck or something, and the noises it was making sent pangs of sympathy straight to my heart.

Fortunately, this guy kept a level head, approached the deer slowly, kept trying to reassure it he wasn’t a threat, and began attempting to cut some of the ropes that held him hostage.

It took a few tries and he got kicked in the process, but eventually the guy was able to free the deer, which quickly scampered away into the forest, far, far away from any more soccer nets.

Good on this dude for helping out. There’s a lot of people that wouldn’t have the guts to get that close to a writhing, scared animal, but he did what he had to do to save it.

“I was cutting a lawn when I heard a commotion. A deer had his antlers..and eventually his head/mouth tangled in the neighbor’s soccer net.

He was thrashing about and going crazy so I knew I had to try to free him. First to try to cut the net from his mouth so if he broke free he could still eat/drink. Then to try to free his antlers which were being damaged and close to breaking.

Got kicked in the process.”

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