I Just Want To Be As Happy As This Dog Jumping Into Piles Of Leaves

Dog in leaves

What did we do to deserve dogs?

They are simply the best, and whether you have a “good boy” or a “good girl” as a pet, they add to the enjoyment of our lives. The quote that always gets me when it comes to pet ownership is:

“To us, our dogs are only a small part of our life. But to them, we are their whole life.”

I didn’t mean to make you cry with that thought, and if you are currently shedding tears, hopefully this video below will help ease the pain. Have you ever seen a dog enjoy dive bombing a leaf pile? If not, prepare yourself, because you are about to.

This video is a story in two parts, though the two parts are eerily similar despite being five years apart. Stella the dog just loves jumping into leaf piles, and has apparently been doing so her entire life.

The first half of the viral clip shows Stella (at five years old) bursting out of her owner’s car and right into the middle of the big ole leaf pile. She does it with so much speed and such a forceful jump that her white fur quickly disappears underneath all of the leaves.

In the second part of the footage, Stella pretty much does the exact same thing, though five years have passed in between, and the good girl is a little older and a little slower at 10 years of age (70 in dog years). Though the good girl is a little farther along in life, she still finds joy in the little things, and makes a beeline right towards the towering pile of leaves once again and dives straight in, just like she did as a puppy.

There is a little “Marley and Me” effect with the video considering it shows the dog in two different stages of life. I know I started this story on somewhat of a sad note, so try not to think about the passing of time too much and instead just enjoy watching this dog have the time of its life (for its entire life) jumping into giant piles of leaves.

Check it out:

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