Relive Randy Moss’ Perfect Thanksgiving Performance Against The Cowboys Back In 1998

Randy Moss NFL

One of the best parts about Thanksgiving Day is the fact that we get to stuff our faces with the best food imaginable, while watching football all. Day. Long…

Unless you’re apart of a family that flips the dog show on during Thanksgiving, then there’s simply no hope.

But seriously, from 12:30 PM ET to the time you go to sleep, America’s game is on TV, even though we always have to suffer through the Detroit Lions getting the first game of the day year in and year out.

There have been a ton of wild moments to occur in the NFL on Thanksgiving, and as a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan myself, I’ve been thinking back to some of the best Thanksgiving Cowboys moments over the years…

Unfortunately, there aren’t many, and on this day it’s typically just sadness and despair as I watch us lose in heartbreaking fashion while wearing the cleanest uniforms the Cowboys wear every year.

And one of the biggest Thanksgiving Cowboys moments that always comes to mind, dates all the way back to 1998, when a cat named from West Virginia named Randy Moss got baptized into the league in the most perfect way possible.

Out of Marshall University, Moss was projected a high first round pick, and was projected to get picked up by the Cowboys during the 1998 NFL Draft.

However, the ‘Boys decided to pass up on this goldmine, and the Minnesota Vikings got him instead.

Needless to say, he probably had one helluva chip on his shoulder when the Vikes squared off against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day that year.

In that game, Moss was literally perfect.

We’re talking three catches for 163 yards, and three touchdowns. My guy literally scored a touchdown every time he touched the ball that game.

That’s good ol’ Cowboys fashion for ya, miss out on a high draft pick and that guy haunts you for the rest of his career.

But regardless of what fan you are, it’s always impressive to go back to these highlights and watch greatness be born.

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