The Internet Roasts President Joe Biden For Picture With His Birthday Cake Engulfed In Flames

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Yesterday, President Joe Biden turned a whopping 81-years-old.

So, Biden and his social media team decided to announce the big news the best way possible…

By announcing on X that the President is joining Threads?

As Cousin Eddie on Christmas Vacation said:

“That’s the gift that keeps on giving, Clark.”

Of course, when you’re 81 and running the country, you have to keep up with the times the best way you know how, and that’s exactly what President Biden appears to be doing.

On his first threads post, he shared:

“I turned 81 and all I got was a new social media platform!

Thanks for the well-wishes, folks.

And to the workers at the birthday candle factory, I hope your union got you overtime.”

However, perhaps the most hilarious part of the post is the cake that’s lit up like a Christmas tree on President Biden’s desk.

I mean SHEESH. Did they actually light 81 candles for this one? It looks more like a trash can fire at a homeless encampment than a lit up cake.

I don’t think the fire marshal would be too thrilled with this one, because if one more candle was lit, the whole White House could go up in flames.

Needless to say, Twitter/X had a field day with this one:

Honestly, his social team should have seen that one coming a mile away.

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