Thanksgiving Dinner Starts At 11pm, Maybe Midnight, At Matthew McConaughey’s House

Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey

Ya gotta love Thanksgiving.

From spending time with family, to stuffing your face with food until you go into a coma, watching football all day (unless your family is one of those that prefers the dog show on Thanksgiving), trying to pretend like you enjoy being around your redneck uncle who just shows up once a year for a free plate of food and spends most of his time hiding int he garage… it’s just the most wonderful time of the year.

Each family has their own unique Thanksgiving traditions, and one celebrity in particular is taking the opportunity to give us a glimpse of what the holiday is like with his family…

And it’s no other than Matthew McConaughey.

In a short clip titled “turkey talk,” he shares:

“Thanksgiving at our house, we’re pretty much a, we love to barbecue, we love to light a fire in the backyard, and we don’t eat early. We can say ‘Dinners at 7:00,’ but really the meat will be ready at 11:00, why? Mainly because of my older brother.

He doesn’t like to grill, he likes to smoke… Because it takes so damn long, and it gives him something to do with his cigar and his beer, sit outside in the backyard, and just kinda look at that smoker.

And not really doing anything with it, he’s not a chef, but he’s kinda looking at the smoker, ‘Ah I think we’ve got a couple more hours, couple more hours,’ really he’s just buying time, so he can sit around and keep chit chatting with everybody.

That’s what Thanksgiving is at our house. Thanksgiving dinner? 11, midnight.”

So if you ever have the opportunity to spend your Thanksgiving with the McConaughey family, just know you ain’t getting that turkey until past bedtime. Bring a snack…

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock