Matt Canada Was So Bad As Steelers OC That He Became Their First Coach Fired In-Season Since World War II

Matt Canada
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Pittsburgh Steelers fans and any appreciator of good professional football have called for Matt Canada’s job since at least last season, if not before.

I once labeled the perpetual stubbornness of Mike Tomlin as “the epitome of prideful rigidity.” Best part? That was in reference to Tomlin refusing to play first-round quarterback Kenny Pickett over Mitchell Trubisky, and it alluded to how Tomlin wouldn’t change offensive play-callers. That’s right. Reporters were already inquiring about moving off Canada last September.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, will be one of the most celebrated dates in the past decade of the Steelers’ existence. Matt Canada is gone. Great fact by Schefty to accompany the news; short statement by Tomlin; pack your bags, Canada, you’re GONE.

Matt Canada has been relieved of his duties? Trust me Mike, nobody is more relieved that this man is gone than any given Steelers fan.

They’ve watched Pickett’s development go up in flames because of Canada’s antiquated, awful scheme and game plans. Mike Sullivan will take over play-calling duties in the meantime.

Don’t know much about Sullivan other than skimming over his relevant coaching experience (OC in Tampa Bay from 2012-13, OC for the Giants from 2016-17). He can’t possibly be worse than Canada.

Imagine how amazing the players must feel right now. The defense in particular must be saying, “WOW. At least we have a chance now that we won’t be carrying Kenny P every game!”

It’s too funny that the last Steelers coach to be fired in-season was the co-owner, who fired himself. What a man of integrity, that Bert Bell. He only had a 0-2 record in 1941 when he let stepped down as head coach. Bell went on to be NFL commissioner from 1946 to 1959.

Anyway, let’s not stray too far from Canada. Yesterday I underscored just how historically bad Kenny Pickett has been under Canada’s watch. We’ll find out soon enough whether this eyesore of an offense had Canada or Pickett to blame more for its shortcomings.

How about we check in to see how the fired Pittsburgh offensive coordinator is faring on social media. Anyone out there sad to see him go? I’ll try to find one person. I don’t think I will.

Again, we’ll see what Kenny Pickett has in store for us with somebody new in his ear calling the shots. Everything the Steelers want to achieve is in front of them. They have a 6-4 record. Pretty doable schedule during the stretch run. Pittsburgh won’t face an opponent with a current winning record in its next five games.

The thought of Kenny P. playing in the postseason is mortifying if he doesn’t improve drastically. He can’t regress any further at least, right?


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