Stats That Reveal How Historically Bad Steelers QB Kenny Pickett Is Will Blow Your Mind

Kenny Pickett
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My longstanding estimation of Kenny Pickett’s ceiling as an NFL player is “85% of Joe Burrow.” Turns out that may have been a far too generous evaluation.

I get that Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada is doing Pickett few favors schematically, but the level of a** Pickett has achieved to date goes well beyond play design. If he was really “that guy”, Pickett would’ve flashed far more potential through 24 starts.

Unless you’re an unserious, flat-out ignorant individual who takes stock in Pickett’s 13-9 record as an NFL starter, you know that he sucks. The amount of fans who still defended him until about a couple weeks ago was staggering. I think it’s self-evident now to anyone with a functioning mind that Pickett can’t play quarterback at the professional level.

Can we get a little “highlight reel” of Pickett from Sunday’s 13-10 loss to the Browns when he wasn’t checking it down or throwing passes near the line of scrimmage? Warning: This video is not for the faint of heart.

If you have people out here questioning whether you’re better than the likes of former UDFA Jake Browning and Dorian Thompson-Robinson, you’re probably in the wrong profession.

Pickett has failed to find the end zone as a passer so often that it’s almost as if he’s trying not to score. Literally no qualifying quarterback has thrown TD passes at a lower clip than Pickett since the AFL-NFL merger.

That sounds bad, doesn’t it? Let’s expand this concept a little more, though. I tell you, it’s hard to believe these numbers are real.


It’s not like Pittsburgh doesn’t have weapons. George Pickens has freakish ball skills and tons of explosiveness after the catch. Diontae Johnson is a fine possession receiver. Tight end Pat Freiermuth has been banged up, but he’s another solid option. Plus, you have two solid backs in Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris who are capable pass-catchers.

…Yet Pickett can’t get it done. Not even close to whatever “getting it done” would be. And oh by the way, that’s with a Steelers defense that ranks seventh in points allowed per game. By some miracle, Pittsburgh ranks 14th in rushing offense in spite of such an anemic passing “attack.”

Let this wash over you, Steelers enthusiasts: You’d be better off, in all likelihood, with Mason Rudolph in the lineup.

Pickens implied that he wanted out of Pittsburgh earlier this month. Something has to change. Mike Tomlin sometimes seems like he’s too proud to admit when he’s f*cked up. If the Steelers had a league-average QB and a league-average offensive coordinator, they’d be an elite team and a legitimate Super Bowl hopeful. As it stands, they’re still 6-4 and would be the AFC’s No. 7 playoff seed if the season ended today. That may be hardest to believe above all these other Pickett-related stats.

Look, I’m a Bengals stan. Joe Burrow is out for the season. It sucks. That said, I’ll have even higher hopes for 2024 if the Pittsburgh Steelers continue to employ Kenny Pickett and Matt Canada. Knock yourself out with that, Mike Tomlin. Please keep it up! I’m sure your fans are thrilled…

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