Florida Man Arrested For Pooping On Dead Possum In The Middle Of Rush Hour

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Just when you’ve thought you’ve seen/read it all, you can always count on the “Florida Man” to take things up a notch.

I have to admit, I’m not a fan of possums at all. The creatures have been an absolute nuisance on my parents’ property for years.

But, have I ever considered dropping a deuce on one?

Nope, the thought has never crossed my mind.

This wild scene went down last Wednesday in Clearwater, Florida, when police arrested 45-year-old homeless man Robert Wilcox for exposure and indecent behavior.

According to IONTB, officer Frost of the Clearwater Police Department noticed Wilcox at approximately 5:23 PM, straight up pooping on an opossum carcass, with his pants down and exposing himself to everybody driving by.

Wilcox was then taken into custody, and after being read his Miranda rights, he denied his actions, saying that the officer “doesn’t see straight.”

However, evidence at the scene shows that my guy really was popping a squat on a dead possum.

Ol’ buddy was taken into the Pinellas County jail, where he will await legal proceedings related to the charges of “Exposure of Sexual Organs,” a first-degree Misdemeanor.

I mean c’mon. I understand that your options of using the bathroom are limited when you’re homeless, but ol’ Wilcox picked a dead possum in front of a road of all places?


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