Dallas Stars Center Matt Duchene Just Convinced Every Man They Need A Carhartt Suit

Matt Duchene
Dallas Stars

Move over Croc boots… you’ve got some competition for the ultimate punchy apparel I’d take a wild guess that if Carhartt put these things into production and on clothing racks before Christmas, it would be one of the highest-selling gifts.

If you aren’t familiar with Carhartt theory, it’s that men look significantly more attractive when wearing Carhartt apparel. A girl made a TikTok explaining its logic, which went absolutely viral.

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While her theory was applied to the fleece-lined vests, the video gained the attention of Carhartt, leading them to comment:

“Gonna use this as our Carhartt Vest product description.”

Well, they need to hire her out for this product description.

Dallas Stars player Matt Duchene just made every Carhartt lover’s dreams come true with his pregame outfit. He rolled up in the iconic Carharrt Brown, but not the coveralls that you are probably thinking. A Carharrt suite. YES A SUIT.

I am talking tailored to perfection with the logo on the handkerchief pocket and all. It is the ultimate suave suit. Pair it up with the brown cowboy boots to compliment it., and the whole outfit is tough.

Carhartt needs to put these into production for the general public ASAP and then give Matt Duchene a portion of the sales because this is a power suit. Navy blue, no more; Carhartt is here to stay.

Alexa, fire up “Sharp Dressed Man”

People in the comments went NUTS for the suit, too.

“Carhartt suit? Buddy is going to work tonight!!”

“That suit is TOUGH.”

“Tell me you’re from the Midwest without telling me you’re from the Midwest with that suit.”

“Skyrocketing up the best dressed in the league power rankings.”

“Probably starchy as hell.”

“When you go from foreman in the field to supervisor in the office.”

But let us not forget that Von Miller was the first notable Carhartt suite to appear.

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