Jelly Roll Was Stunned At How Much Weed Wiz Khalifa Had In The Studio: “Is That Just A Big Bag Of Weed?”

Wiz Khalifa Jelly Roll

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times, but Jelly Roll is on top of the world right now.

Fresh off winning the CMA New Artist of the Year award and getting a Grammy nomination, the Nashville native has been one of the hottest things in country music since the release of his Whitsitt Chapel album earlier this year.

He also recently joined Cody Johnson on “Whiskey Bent”, a track from Cojo’s latest album Leather that’s easily one of the best on the project.

Jelly Roll has seemingly been everywhere of late, but a new video just got posted online that showed the rapper-turned-country star in the studio with a well known artist from his former genre.

Wiz Khalifa has been talking about making a new album for awhile now and posted a picture a few days ago that showed him getting some help from none other than Jelly Roll.

Honestly, this duo just makes sense. There’s few artists getting as much pop as Jelly Roll right now, and him teaming up with Wiz will no doubt bring a lot of eyeballs to whatever they do.

But honestly the best part of this combination so far was just how shocked Jelly Roll was at the sheer amount of weed that Wiz Khalifa had in the studio.

A video made its way online that showed Wiz unboxing some of his signature Khalifa Kush pre-rolls and Jelly Roll’s reaction was the same as mine would have been in that moment.

“Is that just a big bag of weed? Yeah I’ll take another doobie. This is crazy, they’re just already rolled. Let’s f*cking go, baby!”

I can only imagine how many of those the two of them put down that day… Oh to be a fly on that wall for that session.

I’m not a huge rap fan, but I’m excited to see what those guys were able to put together.

Until then, I’ll be keeping “Whiskey Bent” on repeat.

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