Everyone’s Begging The Chargers To Fire Brandon Staley After Quentin Johnston’s Drop & Another Abysmal Defensive Effort

Quentin Johnston

At this point we need to grade Justin Herbert’s early NFL career on a steep curve if we weren’t doing so already. The Los Angeles Chargers have no business being a losing team at 4-6 through 10 games. They’re in this position due to the ineptitude of head coach Brandon Staley more than anything else.

Sure, you can lay the blame on GM Tom Telesco for Quentin Johnston’s horrendous drop for a multitude of reasons.

And technically, it wasn’t Staley’s fault that Asante Samuel Jr. picked up a defensive pass interference penalty on a 3rd and 20, allowing the Packers to eventually score the winning TD.

That said, this is the type of nonsense that happens year in and year out with the Bolts.

Heads gotta roll, because Herbert is a legit top-five-caliber quarterback who’s being totally wasted on a disaster of a franchise. Staley is a defensive head coach whose defense, despite plenty of quality personnel, gets gashed more than any in the sport it seems.

It’s one thing to get ripped up by, like, Patrick Mahomes. To allow Jordan Love to put 300+ passing yards on your head? That’s a whole other level of professional negligence. And I don’t think Love is that bad or as bad as many paint him to be. Still, this was easily Love’s best game as a pro. Another big dent on Staley’s dubious resume.

Usually it can be fun to add “devil’s advocate” takes to any sports debate. But just look anywhere on the Internet. Nobody believes Brandon Staley is qualified to be a head coach after this latest disaster.

It really is uncanny how the Chargers keep losing these tight games. Five of their six losses on the year are by three points or less. Do you know how hard that is to pull off with a quarterbacks like Herbert who gives you such a good chance to win any time he steps foot on the field?

Like if it’s close in the final two minutes, there aren’t many QBs you’d take over Herbert to orchestrate a winning drive.

You can’t tell me the defense would do worse with Staley out of the building. No doubt in my mind that unit would improve. Then you install Kellen Moore as the interim coach and keep letting him cook as a play-caller. I’m part of the large chorus who believes Justin Herbert deserves better than Brandon Staley.

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