Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Brought Theo Von To Tears During Emotional Conversation On Childhood Abuse: “I Lived My Life On A Timer”

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This Past Weekend

Theo Von is one of the most popular comedians and podcasters in modern media, and though he’s known for his edgy comedy, he also the chops to have serious conversations as well.

And while we are speaking about what’s hot right now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the band Creed. That might sound weird saying it in 2023, but believe it or not, the 90’s alternative rock band has made a resurgence in the past couple of months.

Most of that has been due to a number of sports teams utilizing their music to pump them up before games, and going on winning streaks after the fact. The Texas Rangers did it in the MLB first, and the Minnesota Vikings jumped on the Creed bandwagon too, and that’s gone rather well for them.

So lead man of Creed Scott Stapp is somewhat back in the spotlight, almost 30 years after he and his band entered into the music world with some of their hits like “Higher” and “My Own Prison.” Now would be a great time to break out a reunion tour… and that’s exactly what they did.

Stapp was a guest on Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast last year, and though the conversation had a lot to do with Creed’s music, and the memes that have popped up as of late, one of the taking points actually got very emotional. The lead singer opened up about his childhood and revealed something that he had never openly discussed, and his answer led the funny man Theo Von to shed a few tears.

Von inquired about why Stapp held himself to such a high standard, which opened up the transparent topic:

“Where do you think that comes from? That (mentality of) being so hard on yourself?”

Stapp took a moment to think about his answer, most likely deciding if he wanted to get deep on a podcast that’s generally visited for laughs, and then responded with:

“For me, I was programmed that way. As a child, the abuse that I endured in the name of God.”

Theo Von was taken back by his answer, then fired back with a couple of follow ups:

“Would they whip you and talk about God?… and your siblings too?”

Stapp, clearly realizing that he was about to venture into an emotional and vulnerable place, nodded his head and continued:

“Yeah, (they would) strip me naked and beat me from the back of my neck to the bottom of my feet. And my life was on a timer. I’ve never shared this.

I would get woken up and then a timer would get turned on (for) five minutes. If that timer went off before I was supposed to be next, I’d get beat. And then the timer would be on where I was supposed to be next.

If I wasn’t finished with my breakfast and in my bathroom brushing my teeth, I’d get beat again.”

After the answer, Von wiped away tears from his eyes and felt like much of the rest of us, telling his guest:

“That makes me so sad.”

Just another example of how you never know someone’s life story. I think I can speak for all of us and say that we wish that never happened to Scott Stapp, but we’re all happy that he eventually was able to endure the hardships and share his music and voice with the world.

You can view the clip from the interview below:

On a lighter note… cue up the “Higher”

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