Creed Makes An Appearance At Texas Rangers ALCS Game After The Team Adopted “Higher” As Their Postseason Anthem


After so many years of internet hate, it’s great to see the rock band Creed finally getting the love they deserve.

If the name doesn’t initially sound familiar (of course it should), you’ve probably heard one of their hits, such as “Higher,” “With Arms Wide Open,” “My Sacrifice,” “One Last Breath,” or more.

Much like Nickelback, Creed is one of those bands that the internet loves to hate.

But why?

Because they put out GREAT music?

Who the hell knows, but their music made a comeback when it was revealed that the Texas Rangers started playing Creed in the clubhouse, and coincidentally, the team got on a hot streak and are playing in the ALCS.

After the revelation, they began to play Creed’s smash hit “Higher” at Rangers home games in the postseason, and I have to admit, it’s one heck of a scene watching all of these fans singing the ’90s hit at the top of their lungs:

So, this meant that the Rangers front office HAD to get Creed to make an appearance during the ALCS, right?

Sure enough, it happened.

The band posted this video for fans, with lead singer Scott Stapp saying:

“What’s up everybody, we are Creed here for the ALCS championship, go MLB baby!”

Unfortunately, the band’s appearance wasn’t enough for the Rangers to get the W, as the Houston Astros won 8-5 over the Rangers.

However, the Rangers still lead the series 2-1, and are in a great spot.

Check it out:

@mlbonfox Creed made it to the ALCS game to support the @Texas Rangers 👏 #mlb #postseason #texasrangers #creed ♬ original sound – Crazy ass nu metal moments

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