Dolly Parton Once Got Drunk On Margaritas And Streaked Through Tom Jones’ Backyard: “That Was Kind Of Rock And Roll”

Dolly Parton
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Dolly Parton may be America’s sweetheart, but that doesn’t mean she there’s not a little wild child in her.

Just today she released her Rockstar album, her first full-fledged rock and roll project that people are absolutely fawning over.

Featuring 30 songs and a ton of collaborations, including Chris Stapleton on Bob Segar’s classic “Night Moves” and Kid Rock on a new original titled “Either Or,”  the project is shaping up to be one of the most iconic records released recently. I still have to get through the entire thing myself, but I feel it will be one of those that gets put on the rotation for quite some time.

In the lead up to Rockstar’s release, Dolly has done quite a few interviews, but one she did with Metro is starting to make some splash thanks to a story she told when asked what the most “rock and roll” thing she’d ever done was.

Here’s what she said:

“Well, I don’t know what you really call ‘rock and roll’. I’ve done a few fun things. I’ve never really trashed my hotel room or thrown TVs out of the window or anything.

Probably the most radical thing I ever did was when Tom Jones was really hot. Me and a bunch of girls had gone out to have a few margaritas at a Mexican restaurant. We got rained out of a shoot we were doing for a movie, so we spent the afternoon having fun.

We all liked him. Tom Jones and his house in Los Angeles was on the pathway to the hotel where we were staying, so they dared me to streak through his yard. So I streaked through Tom’s yard. He didn’t see me but I did it. That was kind of rock and roll.”

Can you imagine looking out your window and seeing a margarita-fueled young Dolly Parton streaking in your backyard? I’ll end that thought there…

It is pretty funny that someone with the success, fame, and money of Dolly has just that story to tell about her younger days, but honestly that’s what makes her who she is. Despite all the glitz and glamor, she stayed that humble kid from Pittman Center, Tennessee, well, at least most of the time.

Here’s to the great Dolly Parton, who we can now officially call a rockstar.

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