Taylor Swift Will Be Welcomed To Brazil With Her Projection On The “Christ The Redeemer” Statue, & That Might Be A Little Much…

Taylor Swift Rio
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Pop star (and former country artist) Taylor Swift has the world at her finger tips right now, and has recently embarked on the international leg of her economy-boosting Eras Tour.

One of her more recent concerts took place in Argentina, and yes, her NFL playing boyfriend Travis Kelce was there in attendance. Swift actually started trending (does she ever really stop trending?) after she changed some of the lyrics in her song “Karma” to shoutout the Kansas City Chiefs tight end:

“Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me.”

As you might imagine, “Swifties” ate that lyrical change up, and also really enjoyed when Swift ran off the stage and jumped into the arms of Travis Kelce. There’s a video of that too, but I’ll save us the trouble and just move on with the story. I realize there’s probably some “Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce fatigue,” unless you are reading this as a “Swiftie.”

But moving right along, Swift now is set to travel to Brazil and play three straight shows at the Estádio Olímpico Nilton Santos in Rio de Janeiro. Though there will be plenty of crazed fans there to welcome her, the country itself has decided to double down by projecting a Taylor Swift t-shirt up onto its mountaintop Christ the Redeemer statue.

Eduardo Paes, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, released a video officially making the announcement that Swift would be honored on one of the world’s most prominent and recognizable monuments:

“Just to tell you Taylor Swift fans. The Swifties. Tonight, Christ the Redeemer will honor her presence. She is the Michael Jackson of modern times and for me, Madonna.

Anyway, the oldest ones here have other records, but we’re going to have Taylor Swift duly honored for her arrival in Rio de Janeiro. Welcome, Taylor Swift. And stay happy, Swifties.”

Does it seem like projecting Taylor Swift up onto a monument for Jesus Christ is a little much? Just a wee bit sacrilegious, eh? There’s certainly a group of people that think so, though it isn’t the first time that something has been projected up onto the world famous statue. They actually do it pretty often…

Back in 2019, a soccer uniform was shot up onto the Christ the Redeemer statue to celebrate a local team’s win, and in 2020, a doctor’s outfit, as well as a message about how “vaccines save,” during the pandemic.

Just this past January, a UFC title belt was projected up onto the Christ the Redeemer statue as well, which honestly looked pretty funny. I don’t know how Jesus (who famously chose peace over violence) would feel about being used as a billboard for people beating the hell out of each other…

Strange times, man… strange times.


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