Oklahoma Couple Arrested For Body Slamming Sonic Employee Who Mistakenly Put Jalapeños On Their Hot Dog

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Probably one of the wildest arrests made in 2023, and an arrest that gives Florida Man a run for his money.

While this arrest happened over the summer and spread like wildfire in Oklahoma and Texas… and I think it needs to be revisited.

“They take their glizzy’s serious in Oklahoma.”

You’d expect more from Oklahoma, given it’s the birth state of Sonic Drive-In… but wrong. Back in May, an Oklahoma couple was arrested for body-slamming a Sonic manager after their order accidentally received jalapenos on a hot dog.

Quantaurius Simmons and Andres Brisco are the two charged with the body-slamming, and according to Tulsa police, they ordered a hot dog with a side of jalapeno poppers. While there seemed to be a simple misunderstanding while the couple was ordering, receiving the wrong order did not sit well with them.

When the incorrect order was delivered to the car, the employee and the customers argued. The location’s manager stepped in, trying to extinguish the fire, but that added more gas to the situation. Simmons stepped outside the car and began to make his way toward the restaurant’s blocked-off section (to the public).

As the store’s manager attempted to stop him, Simmons dragged the manager outside and began to beat him. He was repeatedly punched and body slammed to the ground. After the manager was on the ground, Simmons continued to hit him, and Brisco also stepped out of the car, joining in on the brawl as she was still upset about the jalapenos.

The two were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery.

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