Bear Breaks Into California Home To Feed On Body Of Deceased Woman

Black bear california

Talk about a heartbreaking but unusual scene for law enforcement.

According to CBS 13, this crazy scene went down in Downieville, California, when deputies were called to 71-year-old Patrice Miller’s home on November 8th, after someone reported not seeing or hearing from her for the past several days.

After forcing their way into the home, law enforcement discovered Miller dead. Her death and time of death is still under investigation, but the deputies discovered something they would’ve never expected in her house…

A whole damn bear.

That’s right, a bear was discovered inside the house. Investigators were sure to mention that they believe the bear had gotten in after Miller had already passed away. but nevertheless, there was evidence of a “bear encounter.” What does that mean? The bear  scavenged on the woman’s body.

Ann Bryant of the Bear League of the Lake Tahoe basin said that bear activity is on the rise this time of year, as the creatures are eating as much as they possibly can before going into hibernation.

She told the outlet:

“Right now, they are all in hyperphagia which is when they eat, eat, eat, they can’t stop eating. They eat 20 hours a day.”

Investigators believe the bear was either drawn into the home by the scent of Miller, or other factors such as food inside Miller’s home. Although there has been no time of death released, Bryant says the bear could be attracted to Miller’s scent just a few days after her death.

She continued:

“Bears have an incredible sense of smell. That would have smelled to a bear like food.”

The sheriff’s office also wrote in a statement:

“The Sierra County Sheriff’s Office extends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Patrice Miller during this difficult time. The loss of a community member is always a tragedy, and our thoughts are with those affected by this unfortunate event.”

RIP to the woman, and prayers up for the family.

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