Justin Moore Announces New Single “This Is My Dirt” Dropping Friday

Justin Moore
Cody Villalobos

Justin Moore is gearing up to release new music – and this one’s personal.

The country star just dropped his last album, Stray Dog, this past May. And his latest single, “You Me & Whiskey,” his duet with Priscilla Block, recently became Justin’s 12th #1 single (and Priscilla’s first).

But now he’s ready to drop something brand new.

Yesterday, Justin teased the new single on his social media with a video:

“The land that I live on has been in my family since the late 1800s.”

And today, he announced what he has up his sleeve.

The new single, “This Is My Dirt,” drops this Friday, and Justin says it’s about the land that he lives on:

The teaser gives us a preview of the song, which was written by Justin along with Paul DiGiovanni, Randy Montana and Jeremy Stover, as Justin sings about the hard work that he and his family have put into the property that’s been in his family for generations:

“This is my dirt, these are my fields
Where I harvest what I plant
That little pond I catch bluegill
I built that barn with my two hands
Where I raised my baby’s a piece of me
No this ain’t just a piece of land
The money’d be great but I can’t part ways with a life that works
You can’t put a greenback dollar on what it’s worth
This is my dirt”

I know I’ve said it over and over, but Justin has been putting out the best music of his career with his recent albums, and from the sound of it, that won’t be changing with this one.

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