Josh Dobbs Needed Directions To The Vikings’ Locker Room At His Home Stadium

Joshua Dobbs

Being the new guy at work definitely comes with growing pains.

Newly acquired quarterback and potential Minnesota Vikings savior Josh Dobbs just joined the team last week after being traded from the Arizona Cardinals. The Vikings needed a reliable QB after their franchise player Kirk Cousins went down, and the team decided to bring in Dobbs at the trade deadline.

Last week, he was supposed to sit idly by while rookie quarterback Jaren Hall, who had been with the team all season and was familiar with the offense, took the reigns for at least one game. However, after Hall got injured in the first quarter of the game, Dobbs got thrust into the starting QB position after only being around the team for about five days.

Surely you know how the rest of the story goes. Against all odds, and without really knowing the playbook (or his teammates’ names), Dobbs miraculously led Minnesota to a win over the Atlanta Falcons.

A man who had been with a completely different team and was running a completely different offense came into the Vikings huddle and somehow led the squad on a game winning drive.

It was electric:

As sports fans know, that was last week, and this is now. The underdog story was great, and Dobbs got plenty of praise throughout the week leading up to the Vikings’ next game against the New Orleans Saints, but now he is the starter and is burdened with high expectations.

Nicknamed the “Passtronaut” because he’s a literal rocket scientist (he has an aerospace engineering degree), Dobbs must put all of the excitement behind him and go out and win football games for his new team.

Today’s matchup is his first Vikings home game (they played on the road last week), and let’s just say it’s already off to a shakey start…

Video has gone viral from earlier this morning of Josh Dobbs getting lost in US Bank Stadium, needing help from a stadium employee to get pointed in the right direction of the home locker room.

Take a look:

Hey, we’ve all been there, and as long as he finds his helmet and pads and gets out there on the football field, I’d say he’s going to be just fine.

Despite him being very new to the team, social media wasn’t giving him much of a break for his first directionally confused game day arrival at home:

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