Bill Burr Gets Torched By Twitter After His Wife Flips Off Donald Trump At UFC 295

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Donald Trump is making headlines this morning, after making a head-turning entrance at Madison Square Garden for UFC 295. Flanked by Kid Rock, UFC President Dana White, and Conservative political commentator (and potential running mate) Tucker Carlson, the crew came out with a full blown WWE-style entrance, complete with Kid Rock’s “American Bad Ass” as the walkout music.

The Garden exploded as 45 made his way to his seats:

But The Donald wasn’t the only person making headlines…

Comedian Bill Burr was in attendance last night as well, sitting behind Donald Trump and company. He was joined by his wife, Nia Renee Hill, who is an actor, writer and producer. She’s starred in Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet as well as HBO’s Crashing. She also has voice roles on Burr’s animated series F Is For Family.

However, after last night, she might become more famous for flipping off the former President of the United States at Madison Square Garden.

As Trump was about to take his seat, Nia was spotted throwing double birds at Trump behind his back, right as Kid Rock slipped into the shot sipping on a beer.

Now, as we all know in 2023, whenever you piss off the Right side of the aisle (or “offend” the Left), you’re gonna hear it hard and fast on social media. And the Twitter came out in a fury against Bill Burr for this one, even commenting on his own posts that have nothing to do with the UFC fight.

And the comments are BRUTAL…


Although, I can imagine she didn’t like this bit from his Live at Red Rocks special:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock