Big Ol’ Bison Gets Pulled Over In Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone bison

How does the pulling over process work for a bison?

They don’t have a license, or registration, so what kind of identification would they be asked for? The bison in this video looks like it was probably pulled over for going back and forth all over the road (reckless bison-ing), and holding up traffic.

I’d imagine the stop would go something like this:

“Excuse me sir, do you know that you were grazing 5 miles per hour over the limit back there? Also, once you made it onto the road a little ways back, you were constantly veering back and forth, crossing fog lines and struggling to stay on the road.

I’m gonna need you to hand over, or hoof over, your identification please, whatever that may be or look like.”

The footage included below shows a defiant bison going against the traffic at Yellowstone National Park, causing a traffic hold up and a headache for the park’s traffic management vehicle.

Even though the white truck persistently tries to guide the bison off the roadway, it continues to go wherever it wants to, because…you know, it’s a 2,000 pound bison. As the old saying goes, you can lead a bison in a certain direction on the road, but you can’t pull it over.

Technically, I’m assuming that this bison could be charged with evading traffic management? Or maybe the vehicle’s duty is to just try and keep the bison moving? If that was the case, it was doing a pretty good job, though it probably could’ve saved some time by trying to guide the bison off of the road.

Unfortunately (and inexplicably), the footage is overlayed with the song “Lover” by Taylor Swift. Why? There’s really no discernible reason, other than anywhere and everywhere you look nowadays, Taylor Swift is there.

If you aren’t a “Swiftie,” you can watch the video with the volume down and still get the same effect. The visuals alone of a bison getting pulled over are enough to garner a laugh.

Take a look:

I love that the bison doesn’t speed up, or really alter its actions at all, even with the truck with its lights flashing around following closely behind.

The big ole beast just keeps pacing along, probably thinking:

“Yeah, yeah, I’m getting out of the way. If you are gonna put this road here, right in the middle of my habitat, you can’t be upset when I’m WALKIN’ HERE.”

Hopefully you read that in a New Yorker’s accent…

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