Aaron Rodgers Planning “Mid-December” Return To Football & That’s Just Absurd

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It’s never a good thing when a quote from someone not playing in Sunday Night Football is more important than the SNF matchup itself.

However, that was exactly the case when New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers gave some insight into his injury recovery timeline as the Jets took on the Las Vegas Raiders. What Rodgers said was more explosive than anything that happened out on the field during his team’s matchup, unless you really happen to like field goals.

NBC Sports reporter Melissa Stark got a chance to talk to the sidelined Aaron Rodgers, and with everyone wondering when he could come back from his tearing his Achilles four snaps into his season, she took the opportunity to ask for an update.

With all of the videos coming out lately of Rodgers walking without crutches, and even throwing 50 yard bombs down the field, it seems that Aaron should be close to returning, as crazy as that sounds.

He even looked like he was ready to play tonight based solely on a video that was posted before the game (and the fact that he was wearing sunglasses at night):

Before Rodgers, the fastest Achilles tear recovery (to sports) was just under six months. The former Super Bowl winner told Melissa Stark that he’s eyeing a “mid-December” return, which would bring him back to playing football in just over three months.

Achilles injuries used to be a “death sentence” for athletes, especially those that are older like Aaron Rodgers. At 39-years-old, the Jets quarterback is trying to take off once again in record time after being brutally grounded mere minutes into his Jets career.

If Rodgers were to come back, there are still a lot of things that need to go right. Before we knew an exact date to act as a “return goal,” the longtime NFL QB spoke about what it would take for him to come back this season on The Pat McAfee Show:

“It’s going be a process of small gains every single day. Hopefully, there’s a chance to have that conversation, but obviously, we gotta be in the mix.

But more than that, I have to be able to be healthy to protect myself and have strength in all of the throwing positions.”

The stars would have to align for Aaron to suit back up and make history (and lock up NFL Comeback Player of the Year right?), and if he did, holy smokes…

Just like when he made his Jets debut, it would be must-watch TV. Let’s just hope it goes better this time around…

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