Fearless Group Of Otters Take On Massive Crocodile Who Is Missing A Tail

Otters maul a saltwater croc
Bernard 'Ottergrapher' Seah

What is getting into otters nowadays?

The cute little mammals have made quite the name for themselves in the past year. There have been many different reports of otters attacking human, causing one woman to be airlifted to the hospital, and another man to fear for his life.

Despite their size and appearance, these mean little things pack a punch, which is made evident in this video as they bravely (or recklessly) take on a crocodile. The confrontation takes place right by the water, and though both otters and crocs are aquatic creatures, you’d have to think the crocodile has the upper hand.

However, figuring out who should win the fight isn’t that simple. After all, the crocodile is missing its tail, and we don’t know how that happened, or who is responsible. Is it crazy to think that the otters could have been the ones to somehow leave the croc tailless?

It appears that the crocodile was just minding its own business when the group of about 8 or so otters showed up to mess with it, which honestly just seems like a bad idea. Maybe messing with the croc was some sort of game for them? Or a bet amongst the group of otters to see who could get the closest?

The crocodile holds its own (as you would assume it would) against the otters, and it turns out to be more bothersome than it is an actual battle. I kept waiting for one of the otters to get snatched up by the croc, but they were able to utilize their speed and elusiveness to evade the sharp teeth of the scaly reptile.

If otters are willing to square up with a crocodile, it makes sense that they’ve started attacking humans. Apparently they are fearless, so if you happen to cross paths with one, or a group of them, go in the opposite direction as fast as you can.

Or just spin around and chomp your teeth like this crocodile:

I know it sounds crazy, but I legitimately believe the otters ganged up on the crocodile and somehow gnawed its tail off. Don’t ask me how it exactly went down. I’ve just got a gut feeling about it…

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