John Rich Pays Tribute To His Grandfather & All World War II Veterans With New Single “The Man”

John Rich country music
John Rich

You have to love a good ol’ patriotic country anthem to sing at the top of your lungs.

With that being said, John Rich just released one of the most personal and passionate patriotic country anthems I’ve heard in a hot minute.

Well, kind of…

The outspoken frontman for Big & Rich is known for putting out music that is very personal to him, always sticking to his beliefs, and we saw that in his 2022 song “Progress.”

And now, he’s back at it again with his latest single, “The Man.”

Off of his recently released The Country Truth album, the song is an ode to his grandfather who fought the good fight in World War II, along with all of the others who fought for their country.

And if the song sounds familiar, well, that’s because it’s actually a new version of a song that he first released back in 2009.

“The Good Lord and The Man” was originally released as a single from Rich’s 2009 album Son of a Preacher Man, where it peaked at #56 on the Billboard Hot Country songs chart at the time.

But this time around, John has stripped back the instrumentation (and the title) and is releasing the song once again, now known simply as “The Man.”

Speaking about the personal song, Rich said:

 “I wrote this song about my grandfather’s service in WWII, but also for ALL our Veterans who have served over the decades on behalf of our nation.

I hope this song reminds every one of their family heroes who served and brings a sense of American pride and honor to their hearts.

I was honored to have Veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraqi Freedom, and Desert Storm representing all the major conflicts we’ve been in since 1940 featured together in the video for ’The Man’. 

The ‘Greatest Generation’ are the shoulders we have stood upon since WWII, and now it’s our turn to be the strong shoulders for future Americans. The bar has been set, it’s time to rise to the occasion.”

Needless to say, Rich did his grandfather and all of the other veterans who fought for our country justice.

Give it a listen:

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