Hailey Whitters Rolled Up To The CMA Awards In Style… In Her Grandma’s Buick

Hailey Whitters country music

Nothing says red carpet ready like rolling up to the event in a hot ride.

Or, in Hailey Whitters’ case… her grandmother’s old Buick.

One thing fans love about the Midwestern star is that she is as real as it gets. From her CMA prep TikTok of her sitting in a folding lawn chair in her yard to this, there is no lock and key for the book of Hailey Whitters.

@haileywhitters CMA week be like…….. 😴 #cma #countrymusic #glam ♬ original sound – Dolly Parton

The New Artist of the Year nominee was decked out in a stunning red dress with a rose off-the-shoulder detail, which was a standout outfit on the red carpet for me. With the matching red heart earrings detailed with bling, Hailey Whitters’ red carpet debut was killer.

That debut was complete, with a sick ride dropping them off at the artist’s entry point.

“We are rolling up to the red carpet in my grandma’s Buick. It is very dirty. It’s literally…there is a bra on the floor, I think there is some leftover silverware and shit…

First red carpet, baby, hey!” 

Her husband picks up a fork from the floorboard to show there was, in fact, silverware on the floor. Thankfully for Whitters’ grandmother, the public was spared seeing the bra on the floor.

That is showbiz, baby. You can take the girl out of the cornfield, but you can’t take the cornfield out of the girl.

@haileywhitters keepin it real yall! #cmaawards #redcarpet #glam ♬ original sound – Hailey

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