The Internet Roasts Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith For Shaving His Mustache Off At 3 A.M. To “Help His Team”

Arthur Smith Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith is the odds on favorite to win “Most Frustrating Head Coach of the Year.”

Though some fans were giving him the benefit of the doubt coming into the season, a recent string of losses has made his coaching style, which is to not use any of his best players, not all that cute. (Seriously, just give the ball to Bijan Robinson. Or Kyle Pitts. It’s not hard).

Fantasy football players, Atlanta Falcons fans, and pretty much all NFL football watchers are banding together to hate Arthur Smith with a passion. He’s certainly not helping his own cause, though he might feel like he is with his latest appearance change.

Before the season started, Smith started rocking a mustache, and it quickly became his signature look. When asked about the facial hair on his upper lip, he told reporters:

“It’s a lifestyle change. It’s not for everybody.”

But now, basically 10 weeks into the football season, all of that “fun” and “cute” banter has run its course, and so has his mustache. After his latest loss to the Minnesota Vikings, who were down to their backup, backup, backup quarterback, he showed up to talk to the media without his mustache.

When asked about his upper lip hair’s absence, Arthur explained:

“I kind of regret it already. Maybe it was a cleansing to get over this turnover funk. I’m going to probably grow it back because I already miss it. But I don’t know. It was like 3:45 (a.m.), I couldn’t sleep, I’d washed it already, and that was kind of it.

But I do, I miss it already. Maybe it’s a cleansing, so maybe we’ll stop turning the ball over and get back (to winning).”

Smith and the reporters in the room got a good laugh about his decision to lose the stache, but it is strange that he did it in hopes that it would get his team “back to winning.”

Hey Arthur, you know what might help your team win games more than taking a razor to your mustache? PUTTING THE FOOTBALL IN THE HANDS OF YOUR BEST PLAYERS.

That’s how literally every football fan (especially those with Falcons players on their fantasy teams) is feeling following this mustache-shaving-stunt.

And if Arthur isn’t a fan of how his face looks without his mustache, someone tell him not to look online at some of the posts eviscerating him, because they are just as ugly:

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