Country Music Fans Express Concern For Wynonna Judd After CMA Awards Opening Performance With Jelly Roll

Wynonna Jelly Roll
Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

The 57th CMA Awards have officially kicked off. And who better to kick it off than one of country music’s golden boys, Jelly Roll.

Jelly Roll stepped out on stage to open the awards ceremony with his hit “Need A Favor” and brought out country music legend Wynonna Judd to accompany him during the track.

While the duo sounded great, country music fans on Twitter (now called X) were quick to express their concern for Wynonna after the performance.

When she stepped onto the stage to sing her part, she seemed rather stiff, walking out to center stage. Once she reached center stage, she stood still during the whole performance. But the part that has fans worried is the grip she had on Jelly Roll’s jacket throughout the performance.

It seemed as though she was having trouble standing upright throughout the performance and was seeking Jelly Roll to help her make it through.

Some folks thought that she might be having a bout of vertigo and was looking for stability. Another thought that could have led to her minimal movement throughout the song is the power the lyrics have, given all that Wynonna has been through.

After the loss of her mom and musical partner, Naomi Judd, she has been very candid with the fact she has struggled mentally while pushing through her tour dates.

Prayers up for Wynonna.


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